What I Do When Anxiety Hits Hard

I have been very transparent the last few weeks about what has been going on in my world. Being laid off from my job has been quite the roller coaster, but I’ve been proud of myself for remaining relatively positive and optimistic despite it all.

Since I am someone who is prone to anxiety so there’s no doubt that I have had my moments of stress, worry, and feeling like I’m walking that fine upcoming-meltdown line. Generally, it lasts a few hours versus a full day (or many days) but I’m going to be honest, they do happen.

With all that said, I thought it would be beneficial to share how I handle those moments of stress and anxiety and a few ideas of what’s hiding inside my little bag of tricks…

What I Do When Anxiety Hits Hard


Generally 5 to 10 minutes will get the job done and help me get back to a place of positivity. I may not have the answers, but I always leave feeling more confident in my ability to figure out whatever is bothering me.

Take a nap

Let’s get real..sometimes we just need a nap. I’m not generally a nap taker but sometimes I can recognize that my stress is being escalated because I’m tired and haven’t been getting enough rest lately. A 20-minute nap is perfect without over-taking my entire day.

Reach for my oils

Essential oils are perfect in moments like this. I love to diffuse lavender, balance, or come up with one of my own blends with whatever oils are calling my name at that moment.

Get in a workout

For me, this can be lifting weights, a run, a long walk, bike ride, or even yoga. The simple act of moving my body is meditative for me and helps me come back to a more level place. From there I can move forward, make decisions, or think more clearly about the issue at hand.

Talk it out

Friends and family are great for this. Even if they can’t always understand everything going through your mind, they can often help brainstorm ideas for the issue at hand. I was having to make a pretty serious decision with not nearly as much time or information as I would have liked to make it. It was not black and white by any means but after talking to a friend, she made a suggestion that I hadn’t even thought of. Was it the right solution? That’s still TBD but it gave me something else to look into that could help make my decision easier and more comfortable.

What do you do when anxiety hits?

I am no doctor and I don’t make light of the fact that for some people, these natural solutions may still not be enough but they have helped me and I hope they help you too. Please seek out additional counselling and services, should you need additional support. Much love.


10 thoughts on “What I Do When Anxiety Hits Hard”

  1. I’ve never experienced anxiety ever until the past six months. I think some of my problem is exacerbated by the fact I work from home alone and that’s probably why this is been my greatest solution but laughter. It’s so simple and so hard because it’s hard to find levity when we’re feeling anxious but I have one friend who always makes me laugh and she’s been invaluable to me.

  2. These are all such great tips! I have yet to try oils, I hear so many good things about them, so I really do need to give them a try at some point here!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! There are a lot of coping mechanisms when it comes to anxiety and these are some of my biggest ones, especially the oils. I’m glad you are finding a few things that help you get through this stressful time.

  4. I love these tips. Anxiety can rear it’s ugly head whenever it wants. I try to do something different when it hits. Take a walk, watch TV, talk to my husband about it helps too.

  5. These are all great tips, Katie <3 I love that you work out to relieve anxiety; I always find long walks work best and especially snuggs with my pup 🙂 all wonderful stress relievers and hope you are taking good care of yourself during this time. Xoxo

  6. Oh, I agree about sometimes just needing a nap. I love naps, but even if you aren’t a big nap person, sometimes your body just really needs the rest. I like reading when I’m stressed – it helps me relax. Also, talking things out can be really helpful.


  7. Yes. These are all great tips. One of the things I do is remind myself that I have lived through things that were hard; and survived. That, this too will pass. I have always come out the other side with a lesson learned. Not easy or comfortable.

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