The only thing constant is change

Do you ever feel like you have to have it all together? Your life, your career, your path, your brand?

Gosh, I hate to admit that I often feel like I have fallen so far down that path of trying to figure everything out that any inspiration or guidance to write is just poof! Gone. Vanished.

It’s not from a lack of desire to write, but from feeling like everything and anything I want to write about is “off brand” which then leads me down the path of asking, “what is my brand?”



Everywhere you turn, every book, podcast, interview, and conversation comes down to “if you want to build anything, you need to know your brand.”

Are they wrong? Probably not, but what they are doing is forgetting a very crucial part of the message:

It’s okay if you don’t know what that brand is. You don’t need to figure it out overnight. And it’s okay if it CHANGES over time.

YOU change. You grow and evolve as a person, why wouldn’t and why can’t your brand do the same?

Why do we allow ourselves to get stuck in this place of questioning every single decision we make or are trying to make, that we end up stifling our own creativity?

I had a conversation with my friend Saturday afternoon and she said to me, “your tagline could even be the only thing constant is change.”

I know, she’s a freaking genius! I wrote the words down the moment they came out of her mouth because they resonated so strong within me.

I’m a starter and stopper, and it’s frustrating as all get out. Truthfully, I think it’s only because sometimes I think it’s easier to try and start over with a “new brand” than edit, revise and be open and honest that ‘this was me before, this is me now, it’s all me and yes, it’s all still truly authentic, take it or leave it, thanks for stopping by.’

So what the hell does this all mean?

It means that the only thing constant is change. 

My goal is to share my story, all aspects of it, and hope that it reaches one person and maybe even many people, and it resonates with them; it gives them the inspiration to make a change in their own life to fix something that isn’t working; that it motivates them to share their story with the world; that it helps them find their meaning in their own life; and that it empowers them to be their healthiest, happiest and most authentic selves.

If that’s a “brand” you can get behind, I’m glad you’re a part of this community. If that’s not your thing, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your presence and maybe our paths will cross again later down the road.

The only thing I know is that the only thing constant is change.


10 thoughts on “The only thing constant is change”

  1. Very true friend! As I’m trying to job search everyone asks me what the dream job is, and I think i might just start lying and telling them whatever job it is I’ve applied for that week.

  2. This is so true! Change can be hard and a bit scary, but sometimes change can be really good. I really love that quote by Elizabeth Gilbert.

  3. That quote by Elizabeth is the best *inserts hands in the air*
    Change is so scary for me because I’m like made up of bones, organs and like 99.9% anxiety. But I do believe it’s so necessary. The more changes I make the better my life has become.
    Love this post so much.

  4. I love this and feel the exact same way. When I began blogging, I was a single girl in my 20s, trying to figure her shit out. Now I’m creeping up on 40 and I’m not sure I’ll ever figure it all out but I love this journey I’ve been on. No one ever has it all quite figured out but embracing change makes the course worthwhile:)

  5. I love this – and it’s SO true. I don’t really know how people come up with a “brand.” It’s like having similar photos on Instagram. I’m changing all the time and I want to show that. It’s not going to be cohesive all the time – but it’s all me. 🙂

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