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Sunday nights are some of my favorite yoga classes of the week because they are taught by one of my favorite instructors at the studio. She was out and while I like the sub scheduled to fill in, I was honestly a bit bummed when I saw the change. With that said, I was caught by surprise when she started talking about this idea to “always take the pause.”

When the class got started and we were working on our breath, she had us breathe in for a certain count, pause, breathe out for a count, and pause. This isn’t a new practice in yoga, but her reminder to take the pause hit me.

I needed to hear it.

I have been trying to open myself up to new opportunities, to growth, to change, to acceptance, to building, and the list could go on.

Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day and suddenly find yourself on the other side, overwhelmed. Sometimes you need to remember to take the pause.

A couple weeks ago, I was stressed. Not just stressed, but rather feeling like I was walking the line of a total meltdown. Dramatic? Maybe. But it was honestly how I felt in the moment. I knew something I had to be done. I knew I needed to take a pause.

So I did.

This past weekend I took my pause. I scheduled a one night getaway in Traverse City, about 3 hours north of me. I drove up after work, walked around a bit, and hung out in the outdoor hot tub for awhile, before going back to my room and calling it a night. The next morning, I went for a walk before a massage appointment at the spa, and wandered around downtown Traverse City before making my way back home. It was the pause I so desperately needed.

Taking the pause doesn’t always have to mean a spa retreat though. Taking the pause can mean making time for your meditation or yoga practice, taking a few minutes to journal each day, going for a walk after work, reading a book, or just taking a deep breath before saying something you may later regret.

Always take the pause.


And I definitely suggest taking it before you hit the point of potential breakdown. And then once you take the pause, maybe you take another…and another…and another.

How can you remember the take the pause this week?


38 thoughts on “Take the pause”

  1. Oh my gosh, YES. Take the pause. Have you ever regretted taking a pause? NO! I made myself take a week off of work this summer. I didn’t have anything planned but ended up with a few days away with my girlfriends on Lake Ontario. It actually didn’t matter what I did as much as it mattered that I didn’t think about work, or the world, or anything really. It was lovely and so healing. Thanks so much for the reminder to take the pause!

    As a side note…do you have any Yoga at home videos you recommend? I’ve been wanting to practice yoga on my own at home and would love a good online teacher.

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