Spring 2017 StitchFix

I got my second StitchFix fix yesterday and I thought it would be fun to share you with what was included, what I’ve decided to keep and what I am going to send back.

One of the things I like about StitchFix is that you can link a Pinterest board which your stylist can then use for inspiration when picking what she thinks you may like (in addition to your set preferences when creating your account).

You could definitely tell she checked out my board and was likely inspired by these picks.

So what did I get?

Overall, I really liked this fix and everything fit perfectly! (Does that EVER happen?)

Infinity scarf – This scarf is absolutely beautiful and while scarves are totally my accessory of choice, there’s plans to look through some of my grandma’s old scarves next time I’m home so it makes more sense to me to wait. Return.

(Sorry for the blurry pic..not sure what happened!)

Cardigan – I love this color. I was really hoping for a pretty spring cardigan that I could wear over a tank top or blouse and this was perfect. Keep.

Distressed Jeans – They made a note that these jeans run big so they sized me down and can I tell you, they were so comfortable and fit like a glove. I’m loving the distressed jean look so much but I’m afraid these are a bit too distressed for me. I was afraid I would stick my foot right through (and almost did when I tried them on), so I feel like they wouldn’t look cute for long and especially at $88, that just can’t be the case. Sad day. Return.

Blouse – I wasn’t sure about this blouse when I first pulled it out of the box. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the print once it was on but I actually really loved it. Keep.

Short Sleeve Top – The photo of me wearing it makes it look like an ordinary t-shirt but it’s actually a bit longer in the back and not your usual t-shirt material. It actually almost felt sweater-like and I loved how it fit but I need to wear long sleeves at work (it’s a total ice box) and it felt like it may be too heavy for summer time. Since I was on the fence…Return.

Overall, even though I chose not to keep everything, I really enjoyed this fix. It was a little pre-birthday treat for myself and I’m so happy I did it.


Which items would you have kept?

Distressed jeans – yay or nay?

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links but it is not sponsored. I spent my money on the items that I kept. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Thank you for your continued support of this blog. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Spring 2017 StitchFix”

  1. I thought the jeans looked cute but yeah when they start out SO distressed, they are likely to get even more so by the accidental catching of the distressed parts.

    LOVE that blouse too! I need to get back into StitchFix!

  2. I love your fix but have never done stitch fix, while I’ll spend decent money on clothes they have to be absolutely perfect for me before I’ll do it. The floral top was a great pick!

    1. They do a great job really understanding your style. It could be fun to just try a couple times and see what you think? 🙂

  3. I’ve been hesitant about trying StitchFix because it’s hard for me to stick to one size. Sometimes I’m a Medium, sometimes I’m a Large. But it’s cool that they recognize that and send you the correct size, depending in the size runs small or big.

  4. This looks like a fun assortment of clothing – I love the tops. I’m not a fan of distressed jeans, so those I wouldn’t have kept either!

  5. Great box! I cut my schedule back slightly and now I’m WAITING and waiting for mine 🙂 Love the sweater in your box! I received a similar one, only really bright yellow. I thought, yellow? It’s been a favorite since I received it!

    1. I’m only letting myself do these about once per season but it’s so tempting to do it more! It’s so fun to receive FUN mail!

  6. I love that cardigan so so much! It looks perfect for spring, and the length is spot on. Also, that floral top is adorable! I’m all over anything floral in the spring. <3

    1. I sent my mom and sister pictures of the items as I was trying them on and my mom said floral is very “in” this spring…so hey, look at me! haha

  7. I’ve been doing StitchFix for almost a year now! I absolutely love that they actually look through your Pinterest board when they’re picking things out–it’s such a smart, thoughtful idea. One helpful tip that my husband figured out when he started getting StitchFix for men: Sometimes, when you like most of the items in your box, when you add in the 20% discount if you keep it all, it’s actually cheaper to keep all 5 items than to send 1 or 2 back! Can be super helpful if you’re on the fence.

    1. That’s what I did the first time. I was going to send a piece or two back but after calculating, it just didn’t make sense so I kept it all. This time, I was really only thinking 1 or 2 pieces were MUST keep so it made sense to send it back, but that’s a great tip!

    1. Truthfully, I keep looking at that picture and remembering how perfectly they fit and getting sad. But they are so much more expensive that I usually spend on jeans, so I may have to do a little hunting for a pair that’s in my price range. 🙂

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