September 2017 Goals

Did August fly by for anyone else? I can hardly believe we’re a few days into September! It’s been feeling more like fall than summer lately and while I’m enjoying the final moments of summer and summertime activities, I’m also embracing the idea of fall and all that comes with it. I live for boots and sweaters, apple picking, pumpkin everything, and cozying up under a blanket sipping hot tea with the windows open enjoying that fall breeze.

But before I get ahead of myself, we’re here to talk about goals, particularly how I did working towards my August goals and the new ones I’m setting for September.

August Goals

1- Take 20 hot yoga classes – Check! Though sadly, I didn’t win the giveaway associated with the challenge at my studio.

2- Host a giveaway on my blog or main Instagram I have one on the agenda, but I forgot that it wasn’t happening in August. Keep your eyes peeled, likely in October. 😉

3- Do an Instagram takeover on another account – Check! I took over the @HealthyGlow.Co IG a few Fridays back.

4- Grow my Instagram following (@iamkatiearnold to 1800 / @tiukatiea to 600) – not quite, but I can’t say I focused on this nearly as much as I needed to in order to see my desired growth.

5- Save more than I spend – I wish I could say this happened, but I can’t. While I was definitely mindful of spending just to spend, I had a few purchases that needed to happen that took me over budget. Plus, I took most of July off freelance writing and my articles weren’t edited that quickly, so payouts were later than I hoped.

September Goals

1 – Run a race

2 – Do a Whole 30

3 – Travel somewhere

4 – Grow Instagram to 1800

5 – Get ahead on blogging

I’m cheating with a few of these as they may be on the agenda already, but there’s also a challenge to make them happen, so I’m excited to cross them off my list!


And now, let’s catch up a bit….

Reading: The School of Greatness

I actually just finished this on the drive to my parents house the other day. I really enjoyed it. It was motivational, made you think, and gave you exercises and tips to put into play to actually achieve your goals.

Watching: Big Brother

Until this show is over for the summer, expect to see it at the top. Any other BB fans? Who are you rooting for?

Listening to: End of summer playlists

I decided to try listening to one of Spotify’s playlists that I think they make based off your listening, but this one had the theme of end of summer. I listened to it on my run a few days ago and really enjoyed it so when I went out to run again yesterday, I decided to give it another go and it was just what I needed to power through my 4 ½+ mile run!

Eating/Drinking: Kombucha

I have dumped the last couple brews I’ve made myself because I wasn’t drinking it fast enough or the time to re-brew wasn’t working with my schedule. I finally got a new batch going the other day but came home to my parent’s house to find one of my favorite flavors in the fridge. I was told to help myself, so of course, I did!

Planning: Trips, races, events, and lots of fun, new things!

Feeling: Excited, hopeful, and full of good things

Loving: New things & beautiful flowers

The more I push myself outside of my comfort zone, the more I’m loving it! I love the challenge that it provides to me both mentally and physically.

What are some of your goals for September?

What are you loving lately?


23 thoughts on “September 2017 Goals”

  1. I love your get ahead in blogging goal and can’t wait to hear how it goes. I always say I’m going to do this and it never happens! I inevitably up waking up early before work to put final touches on posts.

  2. I really want to try make my own kombucha! My goals for september are to run three times a week, cook some new recipes and have friends over for dinner.

  3. Oooh Travel! Thats always a good one. I have never tried kombucha, what does it taste like? Suggested playlists can make or break a workout. Im glad they kept you going! And yes, August just snuck out on me! Rude! LOL

  4. I share your love of Fall. And flowers. I hope you get to travel this month: it’s become my favorite activity. I’m riding my motorcycle from NY to Maine in two weeks.

  5. Oh, the get ahead on blogging goal. Every week I tell myself I’m going to get ahead on it, and every week I end up writing my Friday Favorites post between getting my kids breakfast on Friday morning. A girl can dream.

  6. It’s crazy to me that it’s September already, but I’m not complaining. September and October should be busy months for me – but mostly with things I’m excited about. I love the fall/Halloween season!

    I really need to look into freelance writing and finding other ways to earn some extra money. It would be great for my savings.

    1. The extra income from freelancing is definitely appreciated! haha The downside is that it can take awhile to write some of these articles.

  7. I am so glad that it is September and I can’t wait for Halloween. Those flowers are so pretty. I love that you added travel to your monthly goals list. Good luck on your goals for this month.

  8. Loved reading this. You’re so refreshing and I love your healthy mindset, always.
    So friend, who are you hoping wins BB? As much as I can’t stand Paul, he’s played such a strategic and conniving game. Seriously though, how have they all been so stupid to keep him?!? Josh’s crying is out of hand and I can’t deal.

    I checked out the Instagram account that you took over and I’m liking how inspirational/positive it is.

    Have a great week, Katie!

    1. I’m rooting for Christmas! I’ve followed her for years thanks to CrossFit, but Paul has definitely played one hell of a game and it’s hard to argue he isn’t the most deserving!

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