What are your three things?

I shared a post on Instagram yesterday and I was honestly quite shocked by how much engagement it got. Obviously I wanted it to get people talking, but let’s get real, sometimes it’s hard to know what is actually going to resonate with people. And THIS seemed to resonate.

The post was about the three things we seek to do every single day. I’m sure we each actually have more than that, but what are the things that you want to be a non-negotiable?

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Mental Health Awareness

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? When I found that out the other day, I felt like I couldn’t let the month go by without addressing it especially as someone who hasn’t been shy to share her struggles with anxiety.

I think we can all agree that there is often a stigma attached to talking about mental health but I feel like more people are coming out to talk about their struggles and as such, the easier it’s becoming for us to have these honest and heartfelt conversations.

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May 2018 Goals

Another month has come and gone. April went fast(ish) but then again, don’t they all? Really, April was like this major roller coaster full of ups and downs. More than anything though, I’m really just grateful that spring has decided to show up and it appears it’s ready to stick around. Talk about something to be grateful for.

The boyfriend and I have been going on long walks with his dog (and his mom’s while he’s been watching her dog too) and it’s just been really nice to get out in the sunshine and soak up every bit that I can. Anyway, we’re today to talk about goals but before we get to my goals for May, let’s take a look back on AprilContinue reading “May 2018 Goals”

Attitude of Gratitude: April 2018

It’s crazy to think another month has come and gone. Honestly, it’s been a roller coaster of a month especially this past week but I’m remaining optimistic that good things are coming and continuing to follow my gut and intuition every single day.

Before we welcome in a new month, let’s reflect and be grateful…

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