My Yoga Story

Thank you all for your love and support on Monday’s post. It’s definitely been a whirlwind of emotions but I can honestly say that I’ve been taking it really well and can see the positive coming from all of it. Now, let’s lift things up a bit as I thought it would be fun to talk more about my yoga story and how I got started in this practice that has truly changed my life.

I still remember my first yoga class but it’s been nearly ten years since I stepped into that studio in Los Angeles with one of my very good friends, Justine. I had been practicing at home for a few months using audio downloads and PDF pose guides I found online. Justine had convinced me to try yoga as a way to help my stress and anxiety. I was too afraid to go to a studio all by myself so I practiced at home for months, often falling asleep on my dining room floor during savasana. While it wasn’t always ideal waking up hours later still on the floor, I felt like this had to be a good sign.

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How to stay active at work

If you’re like me and work a desk job, then I’m sure hours can go by where you’re glued to your desk and you never get up. Or you get up, fill your water bottle, stop in the restroom, and make another cup of coffee before returning for another couple of hours.

I have a love / hate relationship with my Fitbit sometimes because it means I get to see just how little activity I get during the day, especially if I’m not getting in a long walk or a run before work that day. It becomes a lot  harder to achieve my daily step goal on those days.  Continue reading “How to stay active at work”

Currently: March 2018

First and foremost, thank you all so much for your kind words on my intention post last week. You all are the absolute best! There’s so much going on and I know it’s all going to be OK at the end of the day but for now, I am reminding myself to breathe, that everything changes, and that I have back up plans ready and waiting.

Anyway, let’s move on to this month’s CURRENTLY post as a way catch up:

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