The only thing constant is change

Do you ever feel like you have to have it all together? Your life, your career, your path, your brand?

Gosh, I hate to admit that I often feel like I have fallen so far down that path of trying to figure everything out that any inspiration or guidance to write is just poof! Gone. Vanished.

It’s not from a lack of desire to write, but from feeling like everything and anything I want to write about is “off brand” which then leads me down the path of asking, “what is my brand?”



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How to know when something isn’t working

We often have these grand ideas of what we think (and want) life, our relationships, and our health to look like. Sure, I am a huge believer that we all deserve to live healthy, happy and dream-like lives, and part of this whole thing we call life is about finding how that looks for us specifically.

We hear people talk about what has worked for them, maybe in their health and fitness, maybe for their career or growing their blog. Especially if we are trying to achieve a similar result, we think that must be *the* way to do it. We may drop everything and start doing what they’re doing and I hate to say it, but if that person is trying to sell us something, suddenly, they start making us feel like it’s the ONLY way to get what we want.

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The Final April Love 2017

I have to admit that I was a bit grumpy last week and I can’t exactly put my finger on the reason. I have a few ideas, but honestly, it was a bit strange. I was so inspired and energized in my workouts and nutrition (Pro tip: it’s OK to admit when something isn’t working and make adjustments as necessary), but other than that, I was just feeling a bit stuck and uninspired. I was finding some past stressors bubbling back up to the surface and as I drove home from work on Thursday, I couldn’t help but cry and ask the Universe for guidance. I took it easy on myself Thursday night and actually climbed into bed around 7:30, shutting off the lights to try and sleep before it was even 8pm.

I get that a bedtime that early may sound nuts, but it was definitely needed. I woke up right before my alarm Friday morning and while there was still a bit of leftover crabby hanging around, I felt loads better and started getting hit with some inspiration, ideas and guidance, which was just what I needed.

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