November 2017 Goals

I say this every month, but it’s crazy to think we’re already in November! The next two months are bound to be extra busy with my full-time job, a potential work trip to Seattle, yoga teacher training, a few events to attend with the boy, and then holiday season kicking into high gear (in my personal life and the potential extra hours at work). I’m not complaining as I am actually looking forward to every single thing on my calendar this month, but I definitely have to make sure to prioritize self care  so I can be at my healthiest and enjoy every moment and event.

Now before I get to my goals for November, let’s take a minute to look back on October  and see how I did:

1 – Host a giveaway on blog or Instagram Check! I had my Desire Map Planner giveaway!

2 – Finish my Whole 30 – This didn’t happen. After getting sick and fainting at work one day (I wish I was kidding), I just wanted Cheerios so I talked with my friend I was doing this with and we decided to forego this attempt. We may try again in the future, we’ll see.

3 – Step outside my comfort zone Check! I went to the TIU Tour date in Chicago, meeting new people!

4 – Start yoga teacher training Check! We started the 26th! I’ll be sure to give you updates from time to time as I know a few people have asked to hear how it goes.

5 – Get ahead on blogging Check! I’m not quite as far ahead as I hoped I would be, but I have a few posts written and scheduled which will be great for the extra busy weeks coming up in November.

Overall I feel really good about how October went. While I’m not going to attempt another Whole 30 right now, I am hoping to really dial in my nutrition this month and pay attention to the foods that feel best in my body. That’s something I can do every day, with or without any kind of formal program.

With that out of the way, here are my goals for November:

1 – Complete 30 days of yoga

I will be doing a lot of yoga with YTT, but I want to work on my at-home practice during this time too for the days when I’m not going into the studio.

2 – Save money / pay off debt

I’m reminding myself that progress is progress and since I paid off a major medical bill last month, I’m ready to start tackling some other lingering stressors.

3 – Get ahead on blogging

I just want to make sure I’m continuing to work ahead from where I set myself up in October. I love sharing content that is timely, but there are some posts that can be prepped ahead of time and then I can fill in with more catch-up/timely posts in between.

4 – Grow Instagram to 1800

Do you follow me? ha! 😉

5 – Read 2 books

I’ll definitely have some reading to do for YTT, but I want to make sure I am still reading books outside of YTT. These can be audio or physical, either counts in my book. (Pun intended!)

What are some of your goals for November?


11 thoughts on “November 2017 Goals”

  1. You did a great job on your October goals! I’m sorry you got sick and couldn’t finish your Whole 30 though! Better to take care of yourself though! You’ve got some great goals for November. I’m trying to grow my Instagram too. If I’m not following you yet I’ll be sure to do so!

  2. Awesome job!!! I can’t believe we made it to November either. Slow down, time! I’m so sorry to hear that you fainted at work!! I hope you are taking good care of yourself and that you are listening to your body. The whole 30 can wait—you’ll want to make sure you are in your best health to participate. Sending much love and luck for your November goals!

  3. You knocked those October goals out of the park! Saving money and paying off debt are on my list too-such a struggle, but worth it in the end! Good luck with your November goals!

  4. Great job on your October goals – I’m sorry that you had to forgo Whole 30 because of being sick. You’re right though – you can still be mindful about food without a full program. I really need to do better with that this month too, and just DRINK MORE WATER. Gah! It’s so difficult for me sometimes. haha


  5. Oh my! I’ve heard that Whole 30 is no joke. But getting sick on top of it must have taken a toll. I am so sorry that you fainted. That must have been a scary experience for you. I know that it is a doable thing…I’ve seen my facebook friends complete it. When you’re good and ready and healthy girl!
    I just followed you on Insta 🙂
    I think that reading 2 books is easier when the weather dips.
    Anyways, take care of you!!!

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