Intention: Everything Changes

The last week or so, one of my yoga instructors was suggesting the intention “everything changes” and it seemed to really stick for me. I’ve mentioned that things have been stressful and overwhelming lately. While there are a LOT of other things that are going well and very positive, when there’s an area of extreme overwhelm, it can be easy to find ourselves focusing more on that than on the positives.

I have to admit, I’ve been falling into that trap lately.

So when my yoga instructor shared the intention “everything changes” I couldn’t help but hold on. I was reminded that this moment will pass and that even if things are challenging me now, it’s temporary. Things haven’t been great or were extra overwhelming in the past, but I pushed through and came to the other side. Things eventually changed, and they can and will change again.

The point isn’t that we have to just sit here and wait though. The point is that we recognize that everything changes, we shift our mindsets, and then be begin to take action. When we can see things from a new perspective and a new light, suddenly new doors seem to open for us that we never expected.

I can’t say how long this chapter will last (for me or for you) but I can promise you that everything changes and in due time, you’ll look back and realize that’s exactly the case.

Does this intention “everything changes” ring true for you right now?

10 thoughts on “Intention: Everything Changes”

  1. Oh wow…I love this so much. Reminds me of “this too shall pass” but “everything changes” so succinctly illustrates the impermanence of life and to let go of what is. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Wow, this was definitely something I needed to read today as I’m experiencing some changes around me too. Everything does change and it is a good reminder to slow down and appreciate the moment in front of us. Thank you for sharing this today.

  3. Love this. This definitely fits my life in different ways right now, though I don’t want everything to change. I like the idea though; nothing (especially the bad) will be around forever.


  4. This is great. I always enjoy change, don’t like to get stuck in a routine… ”When we can see things from a new perspective and a new light, suddenly new doors seem to open for us that we never expected.” that’s so positive and true 😀

  5. It’s amazing how you always know what I need to hear. 😘. Going through stuff also. I call them “Speed Bumps. “. They can slow me down, but they will not stop me. Good luck with your speed bumps.

  6. Uff da, everything changes but dang it seems like parts of my life have been in a rut. But that’s the good thing about a yoga class, it may not be the right saying for everyone in the room, but it could be perfect for one person.

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