How to get out of a funk

Gosh, I have to admit that I hate saying there are days when I am just not myself. We’re all human and while I know we all have those days, let’s get real, it doesn’t make it any easier when they hit. I had my day on Monday. I was a mess.

In fact, I think it actually started Sunday night. I was feeling the anxiety for the week ahead. The need to kick back up the job search, the stress that often unravels around filing for my weekly unemployment benefits, waiting to hear back about a couple interviews from last week, gearing up for the interviews this week, trying to decide how I can do ALL THE THINGS I want to do with my life and convince myself that I CAN.

Then Monday came around and of course, I started the day by wasting time scrolling my phone in my bed, losing all motivation to workout. It continued on with my submitting my benefits, applying for jobs, getting sucked into a hour-long-plus employee evaluation as part of the initial application process for one job, then just as I was sitting down to start writing a freelance article, I found out pest control is coming back to my apartment and I have 24 hours to get my kitchen and bathroom all packed up so they can do their thing (for the 3rd time). Cue tears. All the freaking tears.

Dramatic? Maybe. But when we’re in certain seasons of life, I think we may be more prone to dramatics, to falling out of our normal rhythm and ability to bounce back. That was me on Monday. I knew something needed to change, so here’s what I did:

1. Delete Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone

I’m keeping Instagram (because blogging) and LinkedIn (because job hunt mode), but otherwise, I needed to remove some of the sources of my anxiety. It’s not the notifications necessarily, but the constant draw into my phone and to check social media. I don’t need that and it’s such a time suck. Not to mention, it comes with a pretty gnarly game of comparison that I can do without.

2. Meditate

This is not the first and it definitely won’t be the last time I preach the power of meditation. It’s ability to bring me back to center or at least give me a few moments of silence and stillness, are always welcome.

3. Cry

Friends. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, but it is OK to cry. Sometimes we just have to get those emotions and feelings OUT of our bodies. I let myself cry. Sometimes in the presence of others and sometimes just on my own, however it needs to happen. I was feeling overwhelmed and the tears came flowing out.

4. Call friends and family

My friends and family are seriously THE BEST. I can’t tell you how many sobbing phone calls my parents have received in the last few weeks, the friends who have sent their love from near and far, the encouraging words, support, and brainstorming sessions. They’re seriously my rocks right now and I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for all of them.

5. Get in a workout

Sure, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is definitely my form of sweat therapy. I hunkered down and got everything packed up and then threw my workout clothes on and made my way tot he gym to finally get in a workout. I ran 2 miles before a friend called, so I finished my run and called her back, walking for another couple miles and chatting it out. It doesn’t have to be a run, but moving my body always makes me feel better and helps me come back with a clearer mind and greater ability to focus.

6. Take a deep breath

Or two, or three, or ten. Our breath is so freaking powerful. We have the ability to cool ourselves down, warm ourselves up, energize our bodies, or you guessed it, calm ourselves down. A couple of deep breaths can do wonders.

7. Head to your favorite yoga class

I haven’t been consistently attending yoga classes lately and it’s definitely been hard to lose that  form of meditation and relaxation for myself. With that said, I can still practice at home, find an online class to take, or just take a few moments to stretch my body.

8. Go for a walk outside

Of course, if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can always walk laps at the mall or head to the gym and walk the treadmill, but there’s something so invigorating about getting outside in nature with the fresh air and sunshine. It helps so much. I love to put a podcast or audiobook on and just wander for awhile or sometimes even just go in silence and let my thoughts work themselves out.

9. Reach for essential oils

There’s no denying that I love my essential oils and while they obviously make my home smell amazing, they do far more than that. They really help me dive deep into my emotions and find a sense of ease and balance when I’m in these moments of disarray. My go-to blend the last few days is frankincense, peppermint, and lemon. The frankincense is great for staying grounded and peppermint and lemon are both invigorating, helping me to stay motivated and continue moving forward.

10. Be kind to yourself

I have to say, I actually think this is the hardest thing for me to do in those moments when I’m deep in a funk or bad mood. But it’s also the most powerful. In fact, I wrote this post last summer as it has the power to cure a bad mood EVERY SINGLE TIME. No joke. Try it.

Obviously I don’t wish bad moods, tough seasons, or funkiness on anyone, but we know that it’s inevitable in our lives. We’re all human after all, so if you find yourself in that place today, tomorrow, or even weeks from now, I hope these tips help you break free.

How do you get out of a funk?


20 thoughts on “How to get out of a funk”

  1. Crying is so important! I was raised under the assumption that crying was just a way to get attention until I went to college and met my best friend. She taught me that crying is a natural and effective way to release emotions, and now sometimes I even cry from happiness!

    1. I am so glad you met someone who was able to teach you that! There’s nothing wrong with a good cry from time to time!

  2. So many good ideas! The social media thing is one I’ve done recently and it has done so much for my anxiety! It’s really bad how much it can affect us and not even realize it.

  3. I often feel better after a good cry, sometimes it is the only way to get a release of those pent up emotions. And yes to walking outside too, it does so much good for my mood also!

  4. I’m not a crier or yogi, but I agree with the other recommendations! Getting active is proven to raise endorphins, one of those “happy” hormones. I usually listen to music, take a long shower, call friends, and/or clean or at least tidy up. Having a clear space just makes me feel calmer/less anxious.

    1. It’s OK that you’re not a crier or a yogi, but it’s great that you have what works for YOU! We’re all a little different!

  5. I’m sorry you had a rough Monday, but it’s true – we’re all human and we all have these days. You have a great list of ways to calm down and get out of our heads for a bit. And crying is definitely a good release!


    1. Right? Me too! Just taking Facebook off was HUGE. I have since added it back BUT I don’t get the notifications for Facebook anymore so half the time I forget it’s there!

  6. These are such great tips! I frequently delete social media apps from my phone. It helps so much in clearing my head and fighting distraction. I could definitely get better about doing most of these other things though 🙂

    Number 10 stood out to me in particular. I’m reading “The Gift of Imperfection” by Brene Brown and she talks a lot about being kind to yourself. She shares a website about self-compassion that has some really great info and a quiz to find out how self-compassionate you are. Definitely worth checking out!

    1. I freaking LOVE Brene Brown! My friend gave me that book years ago and I have been hooked on Brene’s work ever since! She is also dropping knowledge bombs!

  7. Yes to all of these! also I journal, write reasonable task lists (not unattainable stuff thats going to have you feel like you never accomplish the list), and eat good food (whatever your definition of “good” is).

  8. Great suggestions. I love no. 5 and it is something I have to remember when I’m having a super long day. The less I feel like going to the gym is often when I need to go the most.

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