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Do you ever wake up with a hit of inspiration? Whether it be something to write about or an idea that more closely fits into your creativity realm?

I can say with certainty that this is something that happens to me quite frequently, but the one that hit early Sunday morning is latest and man, it’s annoying. It was maybe 4 or 4:30, and right in line with my usual wake up time during the week but a bit early for Sunday as I had set my alarm for 5:30 and was planning to enjoy that extra little hour of sleep.

I had this great idea for a post and was even writing it in my head, convincing myself it was so good that I should push back my run once my alarm went off so I could get the words out before I forgot. I fell back asleep and when my alarm went off, I’m sure you can guess where this story is going, I had already forgot.

Where am I going with this intro that really has nothing to do with today’s post?

1- I’m starting to think sometimes skipping sleep to write may be a necessary evil

2- You’re getting this post which I just keep rescheduling in my content calendar instead of whatever genius hit at 4am (LOL)

This post was originally scheduled on my old (and OG) blog, Talk Less, Say More and to this day remains to be one of the most pinned, shared, and traffic generating posts I’ve written, who knew?



While many studios will let you rent one, I highly suggest owning your own. I’ve used the ones at my studio a few times when they’ve offered up me to try the mat in a class when I was considering purchasing it, but otherwise, it’s a lot cheaper and nicer to have your own mat and to know the sweat seeped into it is your own stank. 😛


It’s up to you if you’re just using one to dab and wipe off as needed or if you want one to cover your whole mat. It’s really personal preference. When I started, I would lay a towel across the entirety of my mat and I really enjoyed that. These days, I find that slippery and actually cut up my long mats to be small hand-towel sized ones that I can just wipe as needed or lay across the top of my mat if I feel like my hands are extra slippery. You have to play a bit and see what works for you.

3. Water

ALWAYS have water. Sometimes, you may even want some coconut water. Hot yoga classes are just that, HOT and with all that sweat, we’re losing electrolytes. I usually just do plain water but if I’m feeling a little “off” or dehydrated before class, I’ll do a mix of both in my water bottle and it’s a beautiful thing.

4. Headband

My favorite headbands still remain the Lululemon Fringe Fighter (I think these used to be called Bang Busters…didn’t they?!) They are thick and help tame all of my flyaways and keep the sweat from dripping into my eyes. I have 2 and really need to invest in some more soon because they are my very favorite.

5. Mat bag

Can I admit that over the years I think I have become a bit of a snob about my yoga gear? How terrible is that? haha But truthfully, I’ve just realized how much of a difference good quality products can be. I had this beautiful homemade mat bag that lasted years and I loved it but when it was time to retire it, I invested in a Lululemon bag (which excitedly enough was on clearance!) and I love it. The strap is actually a yoga strap so you could undo it and take it into class with you, if you wanted, but I love that there’s enough room where I can actually use the pockets to hold my phone, keys, and back-up tampon (real life y’all) while I’m in class.

6. Mat cleaner

Your mat is going to get gross, that’s really just how it goes so find a safe cleaner and give your mat a little love once and awhile. They can get pretty gross and the last thing you want is for it to become a bacterial breeding ground!

7. Facial Wipes

Okay, so this may not be a complete essential item but if you plan to go after work, then listen to my advice, unless you want to walk out looking like a raccoon, you’re going to want to keep these in your mat bag for a quick makeup removal wipe down. They’re also great if you ever need to go right from class to work or to meet a friend for coffee, just wipe on your face then wipe down some of those extra sweaty areas and you’ll feel a LOT better going on with your day until you can shower.

8. Hair Tie

Along the same lines as the headband, you need to throw that hair on top of your head and off your neck. I don’t know how some people, even with short hair can workout with it down, it would drive me nuts. This is another great thing to keep a few extras in your mat bag.

Are you a hot yoga fan? Do you have any other essential items?

5 thoughts on “Hot Yoga Essentials”

  1. These are all good suggestions – I have never tried hot yoga but I have wanted to. I’m guessing the water and towel are most important!

  2. Awww, i miss hot yoga! It’s been AGES since I’ve taken a class, but these are all really great suggestions. Especially headband. No one wants sweat in the eyeballs! Also I had to stop waiting for inspiration to strike, or I’d never publish a blog post. Now it’s more like stream of consciousness, when I’m somewhat conscious 🙂


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