My Holiday Wish List

It’s crazy to think Christmas is only a few weeks away. While my tree and decorations are up, I haven’t really been thinking too much about it. I’m sure that sounds terrible and it doesn’t mean I’m feeling like a Scrooge, but rather life has kept me side tracked. Between the busy season at work, teacher training, and also trying to have a social life, time is slipping by. I know we all can relate though, despite what our schedules may look like.

With that said, I was caught off guard when my mom emailed and asked for Christmas lists last week. Oops! While I feel so blessed and that my main needs are covered, I thought I would check in today with a few of the fun ideas from my own gift wish list. They just may give you a few ideas for anyone left on your list of gifts to buy, especially if they enjoy being active like me.

What is on your wish list this year? And have you finished your holiday shopping?

14 thoughts on “My Holiday Wish List”

  1. This year having just moved I’m all about the furniture. Or candles. Or rugs. Or throw pillows. Or…
    Apparently I need to get to making an Amazon wish list 🙂
    Specially since Hanukkah starts tomorrow and my parents keep asking 🙂

  2. Fun items!! I could really use some workout clothes too, but that’s something I’d have to get myself so I can try things on. I’d totally take a gift card though! They are really DO make great gifts. 🙂


  3. This Christmas really did creep up! I’m scrambling for gifts as usual. ha!

    Your wish list has me feeling super-lazy. Hehe! Maybe I can add a few active-wear pieces or something to my list to give me a boost for the new year. My Amazon wish list is currently silversmithing tools/supplies and an Instant Pot :).

  4. Funny that you should mention “Scrooge” because I JUST watched A Christmas Carol for the very first time ever. Now that name makes so much sense!

    I love the gift suggestions; I’m way behind on all my shopping!

  5. Oh, I have a Flipbelt on my wishlist , too 🙂

    And I used to be anti-giftcards, but I am not anymore… way better than buying crap that nobody needs 😉

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