Currently: June 2018

I’m baaaaaack! I’m trying to figure out the best way to share some of the fun from my trip to Iceland but while I figure it out, today we’re going to just catch up a bit. Life doesn’t stop while we’re on vacation (even if we want it to sometimes) so let’s just jump right to it…


I am finally reading Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. I am really enjoying it so far and would love to see it as a real play someday!


The Bachelorette…judge away. haha!

Listening To

As always, lots of podcasts! I want to do a post soon on some of the new ones I’m listening to so stay tuned for that to come soon!


I had some of the best seafood EVER while I was in Iceland. I really want to find a good recipe for fish soup similar to the delicious ones we enjoyed while traveling. I’m also loving the return of the salad and smoothie life.


I will be moving in a month, so now it’s time to PLAN PLAN PLAN for that and get all of my ducks in a row. 


Truthfully? Overwhelmed. I came back to some surprises that I’m trying to navigate but there’s also a lot of excitement and potential living in that space so I’m not trying to complain by any means. Overwhelm isn’t always a negative thing, even though it feels like a lot.


Looking at the photos from my trip. I’ve been trying to get them organized to share with friends and family which means re-living a lot of amazing memories. I shared a few on Instagram while I was away but there are still so many more!


To figure a few things out…but especially thinking about this whole blogging thing. I love it but this space isn’t getting the kind of traction I was hoping for so I’m debating a few things. I guess that’s about all I can say so far because that’s about all I’ve figured out. ha!


Photoshop! I need to use it as part of my new job so now I’m learning! YouTube is definitely about to be my new best friend and honestly, already has been as I try to figure things out.

How are you doing? Pick something and let me know what’s new with you?


6 thoughts on “Currently: June 2018”

  1. I feel you on the overwhelmed. I’m buying a condo and so many people are giving me great advice…but I’m trying to take it slow and not rush into decisions. I also am contemplating the future of my blog. While I’ve typically been okay with the limited following I have, I am struggling to write lately. and may need to take an extended break.

  2. You trip looked amazing!! So glad you had a great time!
    I’m just looking forward to July. Have a new game plan in mind. And I always blame not having an accountability partner for my lack of commitment….but I realized now that I can be my own! *mind blown* I’m ready to rock out the summer!

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