Acts of Kindness You Can Do Every Single Day

Let’s get real for a moment. Last week was not a great week. My heart goes out to everyone who was impacted in the shooting in Las Vegas. I really don’t like to get political in this space, but my heart is absolutely broken and I can’t help but hope that as a country, we can all come together and put the lives of our fellow humans first.

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October 2017 Goals

It’s hard to believe it’s already October. I swear I was still writing August for more than the first half of September. Though let’s get real, the 90 degree days throughout the month surely didn’t help. But now it’s October and with each day it’s starting to feel more and more like fall (thank goodness).

I have a lot to look forward to this month and honestly, I am so excited for it! This month’s goals definitely include a few things that are already on the schedule or in the works, but with teacher training starting this month, I’m not looking to totally overwhelm myself. But let’s not jump the gun so first let’s look back on September’s goals and how those went…

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Introducing The Yoga Collection & Teacher Training

My original plan for this post was different. The idea was to share about my trip to Salt Lake City for doTERRA’s Convention, the things I learned, fun new products they launched, etc. But things took a different turn for me and that’s what I want to share. I’m sure you can find plenty of other blog or social media posts if you want to hear all about the Convention, and while all of that information was fun and interesting, that wasn’t my biggest takeaway from the trip. So, let’s back up and I’ll tell my story, shall we?

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