10 Monthly Fitness Challenge Ideas

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I’m trying to get ahead on some of my blogging these next few weeks in an attempt to prepare for my upcoming trip to Iceland, hopeful busier schedule (fingers crossed to be working again soon!), and let’s get real, just up my blogging game again. I’m playing around with a few ideas right now but I’m going to keep that quiet for the time being as I try to get the puzzle pieces together. Don’t you love a little anticipation? 😉

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been doing for the last few months is setting a daily fitness challenge. I’ve done push-ups, burpees, and planks. While I try to work out more days than not each week, even on my rest days, I would try to take a minute to get my daily challenge done. It was just enough to get my heart rate up.

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How to get out of a funk

Gosh, I have to admit that I hate saying there are days when I am just not myself. We’re all human and while I know we all have those days, let’s get real, it doesn’t make it any easier when they hit. I had my day on Monday. I was a mess.

In fact, I think it actually started Sunday night. I was feeling the anxiety for the week ahead. The need to kick back up the job search, the stress that often unravels around filing for my weekly unemployment benefits, waiting to hear back about a couple interviews from last week, gearing up for the interviews this week, trying to decide how I can do ALL THE THINGS I want to do with my life and convince myself that I CAN.

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Currently: May 2018

And just like that, we’re nearly halfway through May. How did that happen? Time is flying by! I’m glad that winter has finally stepped aside and allowed spring to show it’s face. I’m excited for hikes in my neighborhood, upcoming trips, lots of time outside, and yoga on the deck. I’ve already done a few of these things but plan on there being a lot more of it to come!

Anyway, it’s time we catch up with what’s going on in life, both mine and yours!

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What are your three things?

I shared a post on Instagram yesterday and I was honestly quite shocked by how much engagement it got. Obviously I wanted it to get people talking, but let’s get real, sometimes it’s hard to know what is actually going to resonate with people. And THIS seemed to resonate.

The post was about the three things we seek to do every single day. I’m sure we each actually have more than that, but what are the things that you want to be a non-negotiable?

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