Mantra: I am enough.

I am confident;

I am beautiful;

I am successful;

I am abundant;

I am enough.

For the last 2 weeks, this has been my meditation mantra, or at least some variation of it. The most impactful being the final verse, “I am enough.”

It’s easy to look around and question our success, our beauty, our value, and our mark on this world. This is my reminder that all I am and all that I do is indeed enough.

It’s the reminder that when I get frustrated or discouraged, instead of falling into a habit of anxiety, self deprecation, or jealousy, that I am enough.

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The Library Card

There’s something that happens when we turn 30…or are approaching 30. I’m not sure if it’s me feeling like an adult, me getting reflective and “wise” or if it’s just all of the things that just so happen to be happening right now, when I’m about to turn 30.

On my way home from work one night, I stopped to get a library card to the public library in my new(ish) town. I found myself completely surprised when I left with this giant smile on my face, like a kid in a candy store. My mother is a retired teacher and she is probably sitting reading this going, “finally! It only took 30 years!” This has actually been a few years in the making but especially over the last year, my love of reading and learning has grown.

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Muditā means joy, or the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being.


While listening to ‘The Book of Joy’ on my drive home from yoga this evening, I was hit as the Dalai Lama spoke of ‘mudita.’ One example given, was when there is someone who has the success that you wish for, instead of allowing jealousy to consume you, you’re joyful for their success and hope they are happy.


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Hello! The first post on a new blog is always a little awkward. Trying to find the right way to start can be really weird but we’re going to work through this together.

I’m sure (and hopeful) that many of you followed me over from Talk Less, Say More where I blogged for 6 years before deciding I need a new space. That blog was started in my early/mid twenties when I was living in LA and wanted a way to share my journey. I didn’t really expect anyone to read it and feel so proud that so many people did over the years, but as 30 approaches, I find myself feeling less at home in that space and ready to close that book and start a new one, so to speak.

So here we are.

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