The Final April Love 2017

I have to admit that I was a bit grumpy last week and I can’t exactly put my finger on the reason. I have a few ideas, but honestly, it was a bit strange. I was so inspired and energized in my workouts and nutrition (Pro tip: it’s OK to admit when something isn’t working and make adjustments as necessary), but other than that, I was just feeling a bit stuck and uninspired. I was finding some past stressors bubbling back up to the surface and as I drove home from work on Thursday, I couldn’t help but cry and ask the Universe for guidance. I took it easy on myself Thursday night and actually climbed into bed around 7:30, shutting off the lights to try and sleep before it was even 8pm.

I get that a bedtime that early may sound nuts, but it was definitely needed. I woke up right before my alarm Friday morning and while there was still a bit of leftover crabby hanging around, I felt loads better and started getting hit with some inspiration, ideas and guidance, which was just what I needed.

I spent my weekend back in Illinois again as I had a trunk load of (more) stuff to contribute to my parent’s garage sale this upcoming weekend. While I was home, I helped my mom price items, set up tables, start setting things up, and even went through a few boxes in my closet. It was productive and as always, nice to get away even for 36 hours.

When I got back to town Sunday afternoon, I did the usual grocery shopping, meal prep, and a little 5k run. I can’t say the run was easy but I can tell you that it has been so nice to pick up my workouts again and they’ve been feeling really good on my body, so fingers crossed that stays around!

This was also the last week of the April Love challenge I was doing, so let’s get to those final photos:

MON 4/24:Reflection


TUES 4/25: Adornment


WED 4/26: Water


Are you staying hydrated today? Here’s your reminder to drink up! #aprillove2017

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THURS 4/27: I Love…


FRI 4/28: Doorway


SAT 4/29: Serenity

Just taking a little time to breathe.

SUN 4/30: Thank you for…


Overall, I really enjoyed doing this challenge. I always find a self-imposed obligation to post everyday, but I was happy that I allowed myself a day off here and there where it just felt right or I didn’t get around to posting.

How was your weekend? What did you do?

32 thoughts on “The Final April Love 2017”

  1. Those flowers are so pretty! glad you got to capture them! It has been nothing but rainy and cold , so it was welcomed to see those flowers! Have a good May!

  2. Such a fun challenge! I love how you said that it’s okay to change something if it isn’t working. Sometimes I get so stuck in a place where “it’s worked before so I’m going to keep plowing ahead even though it’s not working anymore.” So thanks for the encouragement!

    Karin |

  3. I’m glad an early bedtime helped you that one night and I love all the pictures – especially the flowers! They’re all so pretty!

  4. You take such pretty photos!
    We haven’t had any flowers pop up in my garden yet but lots of weeds and greens. Although buds on our trees and leaves which is a good sign!
    I really love your outfits!
    I have felt very stuck and unmotivated as well too. I have a lot of stressors going on in my life right now so I think everything is kind of piling up. I need a good vacation 🙂

  5. I’ve been trying to sleep early as well. I have been so exhausted and I know that an early bedtime may help. Those spring flowers are so pretty.

  6. Loving the mantra you used on Tuesday!! Yes, we do have the power to change our lives. I am also all about listening to your body and knowing what it needs. Sometimes that just happens to be an early bedtime.

    1. My newest mantra is “this is my time.” I seriously am saying it a million times a day. Gotta love a good mantra!

  7. A month sounds like just what you needed. I always feel better to wipe the calendar clean and start again. Glad the sleep helped a little. My anxiety has been through the roof so we had planned a big hiking trip this weekend. Drove 2 hours out and the park had hit capacity and was closed. With no cell service we had to find our way home after getting turned around. It was actually one if the most beautiful drives we have been on. I felt better after that too. Hope your week is amazing!

    1. Oh my gosh! My sister and I LOVED those!! I was more into the Babysitter’s Little Sister books, but I read them ALL!

    1. They were like little treasures. We really didn’t expect that I would find anything, let alone a whole bunch! I like to think she snuck them in there just for me. <3

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