Ab Burpee Buy-In

I was feeling a bit uninspired in my workouts lately and my current training program so instead of allowing myself to get frustrated and back out, I started looking for some new workouts or making some of my own. Back in the days of the old blog, I used to regularly share workouts. It’s been some time since I’ve done that but I thought it may be fun to try to bring it back again, at least from time to time. So I’m going to start sharing some of those workouts that brought my motivation back to my fitness routine.

The first workout I’m sharing today was a great core burn. I have a favorite ab video but I wanted to change it up so I created this workout which was just what I was looking for. One of my goals for April is to complete 10 burpees per day so I decided to kick the whole thing off with some burpees, hence the Ab Burpee Buy-in name.

10 Burpee buy-in:

Then…3 rounds:

30 second Forearm Plank

10 Side Plank Dips/side

10 Leg Raises w/ Reverse Crunch

10 Bicycle Crunches

10 Russian Twists

30 second Boat Hold

5 Boat->Low Boat Crunches


Do you want me to share workouts more regularly?

Do you work out at home, the gym, a specialized class?

You should always check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness regimen.

10 thoughts on “Ab Burpee Buy-In”

  1. Thank you for sharing your workout routine with pictures! Recently I have been paying more attention to what I’m eating and I was hoping to find a small workout routine I could do in my living room. This post is extremely helpful!

  2. Looks incredible! I am in need of a way to get back into shape before I’m ready for these. Since my car accident in November, I have been dealing with muscle spasms and pain. Looking forward to recovering so I can try these exercises eventually. It would be fabulous if you could maybe create a post related to slowly returning to a routine following injury. Back in the day I was a trainer and fitness instructor and totally miss those times. Now I just want to get healthy again. Thanks for your inspirational post!

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